Monday, July 15, 2013

Essential Thoughts

Essential Thoughts

When we surrender what we fear,
Then the light shines through.

When we dissolve our past,
We can look into the future.

The future will become the past,
So make now count for the future.

When we think of ourselves as priority,
Then we can never find peace.

When we think of others spontaneously,
Then we find freedom now and here.

When we find pleasure in materialism,
Then our pleasure will end in pain.

When we find truth in pain,
Then we realize it was in our mind.

We are insecure because of our past,
Make amends and we can be secure because of the present.

When we enjoy nothing made into something,
Then something that is worthy becomes nothing.

Contemplate the lack of real control in our lives,
that is the truth of our situations to embrace.

Surrendering nothing for something,
Don't grasp at nothing thinking it's something.

Buddhas have shared thus,
It's up to us to capture our life's essence as shared.

Tsem Rinpoche
Kuala Lumpur
July 14, 2013

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