Monday, May 16, 2011

Rapture on May 21st 2011

Believing that it's going to happen at any time is no less ridiculous than believing that it's going to happen on May 21.


That's me in the picture, in USA, in March. I debated a few of these guys, and thought of what I should have said long afterwards: which is basically what I wrote here. That small voice of doubt is what the rest of us call common sense. it's so often right. It's especially dependable when faith in ridiculous nonsense is involved. On May 22, I hope the people I talked to in New York will consider the fact that that small voice of reason was right all along.

It's a dreadful, terrible pity that they won't, and we all know it. It's tragic - to see young people like the guy holding the sign here, perhaps destined to continue holding onto this absurd faith, even when it is utterly proven to be pure bullshit. My heart goes out to him and the many who believe and profess this nonsense about next Saturday.

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