Saturday, May 28, 2011

God & Science Debate

Panel discussion arranged by KFS Copenhagen (Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende) on God and Science.

The topic of the discussion is whether it is possible to do science with or without a belief in a god given reason.

The 30 minute debate is concluded by nearly 80 minutes of Q&A.

On the panel:
Stinus Lindgreen (PhD), Chairman of the Danish Atheist Society
Vinoth Ramachandra (PhD), Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement
at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Errata: The "Thanks to" slate at the end of the video is missing "Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende", as they arranged the debate they definitely should have been on the list.

Recorded at Studenterhuset, Copenhagen, 21 March 2011

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