Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Draw Mohammad Day 2011 - Freedom of Expression

Everyone Draw Mohammad Day was proposed by a cartoonist soon after the South Park 'death threats' were issued. While gotthatfunk has already done something similar on youtube... this Video is to promote and support the original viral timeline.

Just because some blood thirsty mob has been inspired by some primitive and savage desert myth is not a good reason to roll over and surrender one of the oldest and most valued treasures of Western Civilization. It is however a good reason why that religion has no place in the civilized world.

How many other religions incite blood thirsty mobs over cartoons?

How many other religions have angry mobs chanting for the blood of countries, or the bombing of civilians?

See all the Muhammed 2011 cartoons

In the mean time these jerks need to be shown that their attempts at intimidation are not only a failure, but that as they sewed the wind, so shall they reap the whirlwind...

The Second Annual Draw Muhammad Day.

Free speech is non-negotiable.


Theo van Gogh was killed for nothing other than making a film critical of Islam. He was shot, stabbed and beheaded in the capital of a First World country. Over a hundred were killed world wide in riots etc over the Danish cartoons.
-It is unacceptable, unthinkable, that we should stand by and allow such folk to import the core of their religion, -the core which has kept their civilization in the dark ages for the last 800 years into our enlightened civilization.

Sharia Law is an irrelevance in the first world, and if you think that if someone draws a picture of your 'Prophet' that this means you have the right to kill them, then you have no place in the First World.

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