Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kenneth R Miller on Richard Dawkins

Before a packed house, Kenneth R. Miller delivered an excellent lecture on the intersection of evolution, religion, and American education as part of the UAB "First Thursday" Lecture Series at the Spencer Honors House. After the talk, he participated in an extended Q&A session. Here is one of the questions he discussed.

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Anonymous said...

Man, riveting stuff. No wonder no one else has bothered to comment.

Just imagine if the only intelligence anywhere in the universe was man? That would be so sad. Such a wasted effort of creation.

heard of the 'Man Delusion'? That's when firing nerons interact in such a way as to fool the brain into thinking it is something more than it is. That there is someone known as the 'I' living in the body when actually there is not. There is no 'I'. There is on Man's delusion that singular identity exists when that identity is a delusion created by neurone firing. Once they cease to fire there is no 'I', just like there never has been. Dawkins ought to know this. He would if he was'nt such a fucking cunt liking cunt.

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