Monday, January 17, 2011

Accidents & Irony

"You are not an accident. Nobody in this gym is an accident. Somebody created each of you with an important purpose."

It disturbs me when creationists equate a world without god to an existence where all things are accidental. It doesn't so much disturb me because I find the idea of an ungoverned existence frightening, or even that they don't understand that an ungoverned existence does not equate to one with no order, rules of probability and/or basic structure - you know, like natural laws. The truly disturbing part of that false equivalency is the scientific ignorance that makes Creationists blind to their own irony. Their position of a God creating us just as we are today, and the planet six to eight thousand years ago requires them to consider a myriad of individually clarified pieces of scientific evidence from multiple disciplines to be circumstantial and accidental.

It's the creationist position that requires it to be an accident or coincidence that chimpanzee and human genomes are more than 98% identical, and that fossils from around the world have been independently discovered, dated, and studied- contradicting biblical claims about earth-age and species development. It's they who believe earth dating techniques including carbon , dendrochronology, amino acid racemization, palomagnetic and others performed by separate scientists in separate locations consistently yield remarkably similar results about the age of our planet just happened by accident. They all must be a flukes!

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