Friday, January 21, 2011

CNN w/ Piers Morgan interview of Ricky Gervais

CNN's extended & unedited portion of Ricky Gervais Interview w/ Catholic Piers Morgan

Ricky Gervais: Christians Haven't a Monopoly On Good

Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN, 1-20-2011

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me said...

It was somewhat of a jab of a joke, but I see no reason why believers in a god should be OFFENDED. He was just bringing his views on reality to the table after an event which year after year, has celebrities saying there IS a god, by way of saying "Thank you God."

It's like night after night, celebrities say "In this box, is most certainly OBJECT X. And OBJECT X has helped me win this award. I can't prove it, I can't show you inside the box, but... I'm thanking OBJECT X for my win".

And then finally, Ricky Gervais comes along for one year and says "I'm going with Object Y"

Celebrities have been saying there is a god for years, Ricky Gervais has one night where he says otherwise. And no one can absolutely prove anything either way. So what's the problem?

He didn't call Christians STUPID for believing in their god. It may come off that way at first when the wording of the joke is put so he's thankful for not being a believer... but also in that joke is a god!

That's the sort of convoluted structure of it. He's thanking a god who isn't there, for making him not believe the god is there!


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