Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bill O'Reilley talking point - Atheist Sign

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strupp said...

yeah, right, we are the fanaticts here.
for some people its okay to bash atheists everyday but the second we say/do something against their religion we are the bad always...i love it
what made me really laugh is at the end when oreilly said that the USA was founded on christian believ etc.
thats just plain wrong, most of the founding fathers were in fact atheists or at least questioning the whole church,god&religion thing.
+ all of them were FOR the separation of state&church
so please stop using words as "god" "believ" "god bless who or whatever" in political debates its just nonsense, also stop using phrases like "traditional" marriage...cmon we're living in the 21th century here, wake up.
(sorry for any spelling mistakes whatsoever english isn my first language)

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