Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zen Garden - Koi Pond Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Enjoy the beautiful patterns of Koi in motion, colors and muted shades of a Zen Garden water and motion, ever changing, ever mesmerizing. Infinitely variable and hypnotizing, the calm and blissful Koi bring to a Zen Garden an element of peace, hues of abstraction, and deep reflection.
Studies have shown that calm, meditative nature scenery together with a relaxing nature soundtrack help to instill mindfulness, restore energy, encourage clarity of thought and purpose, improve self image and quality of life, offer better self control and help reduce long and short term stress triggers. Beautiful scenery, infinite horizons, primal sounds of nature, slow natural movement, all reinforce a basic reawakening of a simple primal past in a stress free surrounding. Enjoy Zen Garden Koi Pond as it helps focus and unify the mind, body and spirit into a mindfulness state of higher consciousness.

Zen Garden - Koi Pond by Zenchantment- Available on Amazon.com.
Directed by Milos Kuhlman.
Music by Zenpurity.

The Koi Pond in a Zen Garden is perhaps one of the most tranquil features in the serene landscape. Constantly shifting textures and colors of Koi fish swimming through the still water bring an inner calm, tranquility and peacefulness to the viewer.
Zen Garden - Koi Pond features infinite variations of Koi fish swimming, beautiful lotus blossoms floating in the sun, tranquil bridges over Koi Ponds and water, a tranquil and mesmerizing water garden. Relax and enjoy!

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