Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Terrorists Threaten to Blow Up Satanic Statue

The Satanic temple was planning on erecting a new Satan statue in Oklahoma. Oklahoma declined. Big Jesus fans threaten to blow the statue up, an act that would have brought the FBI hammer down if they were muslims. - Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) host The Young Turks.

"The Satanic Temple received a number of threats after announcing they’d unveil the Baphomet statue on commercial property, including threats to “burn it down” or “blow it up real good.” They’ve moved to a secret location at a ticket-only event. After the unveiling, the group is currently planning on moving the Baphomet to the statehouse in Arkansas, where officials are planning to set a Ten Commandments monument.

After vowing to move their Satanic sculpture to Oklahoma’s statehouse to counter a Ten Commandments monument there, the state Supreme Court ruled public property couldn’t be used for religious displays.

The group has been an effective foil to conservative Christian claims to theocratic dominance, using language in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act intended to favor Christians to challenge abortion waiting periods, according to the New York Times.”*

Read more here: Debate over Satanic statue devolves into shouting match as Detroit pastor berates ‘non-theist’ Satanist

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