Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tracie Harris - The Harmful Impact of Religious Family Values

Tracie Harris is going to speak about the "other side" of religious family values. The negative impact these ideologies may have when someone in the family expresses unbelief. Tracie Harris will also discuss how some religions use negative stereotypes of unbelievers to perpetuate pressure on atheists in religious homes.

Tracie Harris is a contributor on The Atheist Experience public access show in Austin, TX where she is well known for the "supernatural dice" segment. Tracie Harris is a publishing professional and creator of the Atheist Eve strip hosted on the Atheist Community of Austin web site. Tracie Harris received her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Harris is a former Christian Fundamentalist (Church of Christ). Tracie Harris and Dillahunty were featured on the Religion section of The Huffington Post "facing down an aggressive Christian caller with a shocking view of children who have been the victims of rape”.

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