Thursday, June 25, 2015

California Drought is God’s Punishment for Abortion Laws

"According to RH Reality Check, California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove characterized California’s historic drought as god’s punishment for the land’s abortion laws. This marks a departure from Genesis 5:32-10:1, in which god punished humanity by flooding the damn place.*

'Texas was in a long period of drought until Governor Perry signed the fetal pain bill,' she told the California ProLife Legislative Banquet last week. 'It rained that night. Now God has His hold on California.'

As RH Reality Check pointed out, this is doubly odd as Grove is on CA’s Agricultural Committee.

Neither was Grove above a good Nazi reference. Criticizing a recent California bill that would require crisis pregnancy centers to provide information about abortion, she said, 'The last time the government made people carry a government message, it was World War II and they made people wear Jewish stars.'” *

Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( discuss on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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