Saturday, December 6, 2014

Creationist at The Museum - Let's Send a Message!

Hemant Mehta: By now, you've probably seen the video of a woman named Megan Fox -- not that one -- going through an evolution exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum.

She is simply stunned by what she believes is brainwashing all around.

Which brings to mind the Stephen Colbert line: Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

Megan Fox can't even pronounce the word Eukaryotes, but she knows we didn't evolve from them.

She says it's impossible for creatures to have transitioned from water to land, because the Bible says God made the creatures of the water to live in the water and the creatures of the land to live in the land.

Megan Fox even says “It’s not like their fins fell off and they grew feet"... which isn't exactly how it happened.

Megan Fox also claims that dragons exist but liberals are just covering it up.

By the way... she home-schools her three children. So if you weren't frightened before, you should be horrified now.

But I'm not just making this video just to point out her ignorance. I don't have that kind of time.

I'm making this video because Megan Fox has actually been waging a war against my local library.

I grew up in Orland Park, Illinois. My parents still live there. And Fox and her colleague have been going after the Orland Park Public Library for a lot of reasons.

She's mad that she can't use the computers in the children's section... because they're reserved for children.

Megan Fox claims the adult section is where people watch porn. Because that's what you do in the library's computer section.

And she's really mad because the library doesn't censor what people look at on the Internet.

To that end, she and her friend have slammed the library with more than 130 open records requests that they're legally obligated to fulfill.

It has cost the library more than $125,000.

Some of that is covered by insurance. Most of that isn't. And that's money that could be used for great programs that support the children and community in Orland.

It's like Fox wants to bring everyone else down to her level of education.

So here's where you come in. I've set up a fundraiser to raise money for the library. I doubt we'll be able to make up for all the damage Fox has caused, but it's something.

If you're willing to chip anything in, there's a link below. Please give anything you can. I promise you everything raised will be given to the library and I'll provide proof of that on my website at the end of the month.


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