Monday, December 29, 2014

A Philosophical Discussion on God - Sloan Lee, Justin Fisher

Think of 1 act the God of the bible must have to commit in order for you to view him as an evil god. Think of the worst imaginable act that only an evil god can commit. Then ask yourself if your god of the bible has ever committed that evil act. Also, as humans, jealousy is one of the most despicable traits as it often leads to irrational behavior, murder, stalking, lies, distrust, being over possessive, deceptiveness, & mental abuse. That being said, the God of the bible is telling us straight up that he is a very jealous god. How a Christian can defend a "jealous" god is beyond mental illness & irrationality. And finally, if the Christian god is not an evil god, please define what an evil god is. What is an evil god?

Dr. Sloan Lee & Dr. Justin Fisher: A Philosophical Discussion of God
April 9, 2013 at Southern Methodist University

A Christian Wingnut vs An Intellectual Atheist in a College Debate

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