Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Tarot & Tarosophy: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

The Tarot has been a respected and popular craft in the Esoterica for centuries, from the New Orleans street magician to Carl Jung himself. Yet even today there are many misconceptions about The Tarot, beyond the polemics of fundamentalists, even among its adepts and devotees. Some of them border on the absurd, and thus we take a comprehensive course on The Tarot from a new work that is the Alpha and Omega of this occult discipline. We deal with the Tarot from every possible perspective-- historical, mystical, occult, psychological, professional and even financial. We also gain groundbreaking insights on its origins and evolution, as well as how it has shaped occultism and how occultism has shaped it. No card is left unturned in this episode. Great mystic revelations and timeless wisdom are discovered regardless of your views on The Tarot.


Astral Guest--Marcus Katz, author Tarosophy, The Zodiacal Rituals , Tarot Flip (Tarosophy Tarot Kickstart Books), Alchemy Course and After The Angel

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