Monday, February 17, 2014

Did mammals evolve from fish?

Join Richard Dawkins as he takes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a giraffe dissection to explain Evolution by Natural Selection to a room full of lovely young Veterinary Students! Highlighted here is the example of the Laryngeal nerve, which in fish enervate the gills, but in mammals, which evolved from fish, now enervates the voice box. Since Natural Selection has no drawing board to return to, and since the nerve served a vital function, it's length was stretched over successive generations to several inches in the case of humans, to several meters in the case of the giraffe! Keep in mind that this nerve comes from the brain and passes within inches of it's destination before traveling, in all mammals, a wasteful and circuitous route around a major artery in the heart before going all the way back up to the Larynx. Demonstrative of our lowly origins as opposed to the arrogantly self-exalted status favored by wish thinkers worldwide

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