Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Administration Is Rubbing The Aborted Babies In The Face Of Every Single American

Mat Staver says that Obama administration's contraception mandate is no different than what Floyd Corkins did when he attacked the Family Research Council headquarters.

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Unknown said...

Do these Christians have any idea just how GROSS they are? Every time they open their mouths and force me to listen to them it's like they are making me take a warm bath in aborted fetuses using emulsified foaming fetus juice bubble bath. Then they force me to brush my teeth using creamed aborted fetus flesh toothpaste and floss using the aborted ligaments of aborted fetuses and gargle using aborted fetus water flavoured with mint.

It is so GROSS that, after all that, I have to take a shower to wash the Christians off me but then aborted fetuses start spraying out of the shower head and an aborted fetus bone chip gets stuck in the shower head and then the shower head explodes and aborted fetuses start spraying all over my bathroom.

I can't escape all the aborted fetuses these Christians are spraying me with and when I try and escape I slip on the slimy aborted fetus slippery slime all over the floor and fall onto the bathroom floor and start sliding and slipping in all that sluice of warm aborted fetus tissue and fluids.

Can't someone make these Christians stop talking abort rubbing aborted fetuses in peoples faces. All this rubbing of aborted fetuses in peoples faces just grosses me right out and makes me want to stop aborting fetuses not because the Baby Jesus doesn't like it when you abort fetuses and rub them in peoples faces but because it is just so GROSS!

And while we are doing something to think of the children who didn't become the warm aborted fetus sluice that I was forced to slide around in on my bathroom floor, in my imagination, could someone please get the Christians to stop standing on the roadside with all those placards with pictures of aborted fetuses on them because it just brings the whole lurid fantasy back into my mind and makes me want to cry.

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