Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does atheism poison everything? [2010]

A debate was held on atheism with Christopher Hitchens, author of 'god Is Not Great', and David Berlinski, author of 'The Devil's Delusion'. Mr. Berlinski argued the positive of the resolution "Atheism poisons everything" and Mr. Hitchens argued the negative. After their exchanges the authors responded to questions submitted by members of the audience before their closing statements. This event was hosted by the Fixed Point Foundation at the Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama

Christopher Hitchens vs David Berlinski - Does atheism poison everything? [2010]

[00:21] Intro
[02:47] David Berlinski opening
[15:13] Christopher Hitchens opening
[27:40] David Berlinski rebuttal
[31:46] Christopher Hitchens rebuttal
[38:43] David Berlinski recap
[41:50] Christopher Hitchens recap
[45:18] Q&A start
[57:49] Christopher Hitchens closing statement
[1:01:31] David Berlinski closing statement
[1:05:13] Moderator closing statement

September 7, 2010.

Credit to C-SPAN:

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