Friday, January 25, 2013

The Burzynski Clinic

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski and cancer.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone considering their options in alternative cancer treatments at the Burzynski Clinic. It's also CCMA, so feel free to mirror or repost.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I caught an error in post-production: The Burzynski Clinic has only started 61 clinical trials, not 62. The last came up in my query because one of the authors has the same name. Otherwise the figures are correct.

Fact 1: The Burzynski Clinic has attempted 61 clinical trials, but only completed 1.

Check it out here:

Fact 2: The Burzynski Clinic charges its patients to participate in a study of their patented medication that exposes them to risk.

Harnessing the generosity of kind-hearted strangers to pay for woo

Fact 3: The Burzynski Clinic makes heavy use of marketing techniques not normally associated with clinical practices and not in the best spirit of research medicine.

For example, you can see here that they are abusing libel laws to silence critics.

The Burzynski Clinic is using libel laws to silence critics of its cancer treatment

And threatening and bullying of a 17 year old blogger by a media consultant: Dr Stanislaw Burzynski: Morally reprehensiblet.

You may also watch The Burzynski Clinic and Cancer Quacks.

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