Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Atheist Experience #777 (full episode)

The Atheist Experience #777 of September 2, 2012.

Russell Glasser and Josh Burkhart take viewer calls.


3:20 Ian (VA): evolution, mutations;
11:23 Coffey (ME): Bill Nye, Horus;
15:42 Tom (CA): Christian apologetics, Heaven;
24:25 Faron (NM): arguments from personal experience;
27:27 Doug (OH): questions for Christians;
32:42 Robert (GA): Mormonism, Judaism, faith;
39:15 Ann (VA): historical Jesus;
44:10 Kenny (CA): historicity of the Gospels.

Theme song: "Listen to Reason," written and performed by Bryan Steeksma.

Spiderman vs Jesus

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