Sunday, January 22, 2012

Evolve - Skin

It makes up 16% of your body weight, is the largest organ in the human body, allows birds to fly, mammals to nurse their young, and provides a lifelong defence against predators and parasites alike. From the delicate membranes that encased the earliest animals to the leathery hides that protected the dinosaurs, this episode looks at how skin has changed and adapted to virtually any challenge it has faced throughout history. Skin has evolved weapons for predation, armour for protection and the means to move from fish to dinosaur to us.

It's a tough, violent, and lethal world out there, and it's been that way since the dawn of time. Roughly 99 percent of all species have become extinct. What enabled that other one percent to survive the cutthroat competition? Their ability to EVOLVE. Each episode attempts to explain the evolutionary origins of a particular trait of living creatures: for example, Tyrannosaurus Rex's 13 inch teeth, the gecko's "Velcro like" toe pads, and the bald eagle's "telescopic" vision capable of spotting a hare a mile away. The series premiere, Eyes, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming.

History Channel 2008

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