Saturday, January 21, 2012

Darwin: The Life

This portrait of Charles Darwin focuses on his life and influences tracing his maturation as a naturalist from his birth in Shrewsbury, England to the publication of his key work the Origin of Species. To provide a contextual base for Darwin's revolutionary ideas, the program examines his key influences including Thomas Malthus and Robert Edmund Grant as well as his life changing experience as the ship naturalist on the HMS Beagle. The program will provide students with the personal and historic background key to understanding the work and life of Darwin and provides an academic primer for discussions on the implications of Darwin's work. Featuring Darwin Biographers Janet Browne, James Moore, as well as noted scholar Robert M. Young.

Published in 1859, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution rocked the academic world. This film examines the life of Charles Darwin, tracing the development of his big idea -- evolution -- and examining the paradox of the conventional man who developed one of the most revolutionary ideas in science. It also explores the changing impact of the ideas of Charles Darwin, revealing how different political thinkers have seized on the theory of evolution to justify their proposed models for society. Before Darwin, Victorians believed that God created and placed all species on Earth and gave man dominion over animals. But Darwin's radical ideas challenged the status quo and have since influenced radically different models for society.


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