Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Video EVERY Christian should watch!

Almost no Christians have read the Bible, an interesting irony given that it is purported to be the source of their religion.

When you do read the Bible, its like entering a mad house. The books of Moses are a bloodbath from beginning to end. The God of Moses appears to be a volcano, and worships in an orgy of blood and dismembered animals.


Erik Liljegren's random thoughts said...

Wow here is another piece of good nonsense. So Kill wiches and stone wizards Eh. Do you know where that is in the Bible. I challenge you to find that. But Im also thining of Simon the sorcerer who was The only reference to witches in the Bible is when we are told to stay away from those who practice witchcraft as it is a false religion which isn't real. No where in the Bible is the are wizard's mentioned. Simon the Sorcerer is one who is praised in the book of acts, but he is only a sourcerer in the fact that he does simple tricks.
And demons, yes we believe in demons. But no where in the Bible are these external bodily things, we believe that these are internal forces that cause people to well whatever they do.
So please, since based on your other posts you value truth, research what is said in some of these videos before you accept them as truth. The Bible does not tell us to kill witches and wizards.
Also the thing about killing the animal for sacrafice, yup that's true. If the author really wanted to find brutality in the Bible he could have found much better examples. So Im thinking your expert ,knew one part of the Bible and then didn't bother to read the rest!!!

admin said...

Erik Liljegren wrote "No where in the Bible is the are wizard's mentioned."

Have you not read your Bible?

Look in Exodus 7:11-12

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