Sunday, October 11, 2009

Believe in god


Anonymous said...

Wow. This has really Been enlightening. From this video alone I am convinced of my erring in believing in God! What? No! You know the best way to get a Christian to believe as you believe is to make fun of them! No, wait, believing as you believe, why would I. Whats the harm in believing in Christ? Tell me that. Give me something other than sarcasm and the creation debate, or evolution, or there is no evidence. (remember by that logic we would not believe in Ceaser augustus or gravity, think about it.) Give me a why I should not believe.

admin said...

I shall not give you a reason. Stop with the demanding writings.

If you choose to think for you self. If you choose to look at history and the evidence and if you choose to follow what you learn through critical thinking. You will find answers.

You have to start thinking. Asking questions for answers if for small kids. Please, start thinking.

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