Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bible Interpretation: Upside Down

In an upside-down world, with upside-down understandings of morality and of the value of love,... their interpretation of the bible and the debate about its relevance sure sounds familiar, in an upside-down-ish kind of way. [Read on...]

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Listening to a radio discussion from a few years back featuring Richard Dawkins on the morality of the old testament (Premier Christian Radio (UK) "Unbelievable?" program: https://goo.gl/mg6lU6) and what that meant for the value of the bible generally as a source of morality, I was struck by how the bible is so fundamentally muddled within itself, and indeed such a useless source of guidance on matters of morality, that it would be about as much use in a crazy world that valued hatred over love, violence over compassion, and death over life.

Insert the bible into a world where the goal is to cause the maximum misery and suffering to one another, and it fits right in: and the debate sounds almost exactly the same; just... upside down.

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