Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How big is the Universe?

Have you ever wondered how we can talk about the amount of galaxies that exist in the Universe, when we don’t know the size of the Universe? In this video astrophysicist, Sarah, explains how there is a size limit to the observable Universe.

Creator: Sarah Pearson / Space with Sarah
Producer: Brett Van Deusen
Animator: Joshua Bogy

Image credits:
Via Lactea II - Diemand et al. 2008, Nature
“Edge of the Universe” - Mirela Momanu
Millennium Simulation Project, Springel 2004

Digital graphics by Morgan Mullen
Episode music by Krychek:
Episode background: Via Lactea II simulation by Diemand, Kuhlen, Madau et al. 2008, Nature
Intro graphics by Frederik Olufsen:

Sound design by Tim Korn
Color correction: Jeff Sousa

Partially supported by the National Science Foundation: NSF grant AST-1614743

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