Friday, June 17, 2016

Face to Face with Falun Gong: What is it and why is it outlawed in China?

Host Paul Stein welcomes Falun Dafa practitioner Brett Price as this week's special guest. In this episode, Brett talks about the origins, the core tenets and the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits derived from the cultivation practice of Falun Gong. There are over a hundred million Falun Gong practitioners worldwide.

Sadly, there is a dark side to this interview.

As of 1999, hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been incarcerated in labour camps. There, they face long, brutal hours of coerced labour -- manufacturing "stuff" for the West's consumer addictions -- as well as torture and murder. The healthy ones, who have been deemed to possess the right blood type, are put on a 'donor list' whereby their organs are forcibly harvested -- many while they are still alive -- to feed a multi-million dollar organ transplant industry.

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