Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Evolution of Jesus in the Bible

Liar, Lunatic or Lord ... or something else?

User HConstantine pointed out to me that the water into wine miracle was the first miracle in John, not Mark. Not sure why I did that. I guess because it's my favorite miracle (number one in my mind!).

(2) User roohif correctly pointed out that I put Acts in the wrong place on the time line. Acts is believed to be written by the same author of Luke. Luke is a gospel and Acts deals with the events regarding the apostles after Jesus's death. It only makes sense that Acts follows Luke. It's probable that Acts was written between 90-100, some sources say later, and of course conservative estimates have it decades earlier.

(3) What Paul says or doesn't say about the Resurrection

I think this should go under "Clarifications," but I want to be clear that I'm not claiming that Paul doesn't address the resurrection. He clearly does. My point with his letters is that we don't get enough detail about Jesus. Think of it this way ... what if we never had the gospels (nor any substitute (gnostic, etc)? What would Christians claim to know about Jesus? Not very much.

(4) Paul may not have written II Thessalonians. There is a split among scholars as to whether this book was written by Paul, a follower, a huckster posing as Paul, etc. This doesn't really change anything with the video, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

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