Saturday, January 30, 2016

How To Chat Anonymously Online

Chatting anonymously on the internet isn’t used solely for shadowy criminal hackers and government operatives. From journalists to congressmen, learning how to adjust the privacy of our digital communication is becoming an ever more important skill.

Browsing and communicating on the internet anonymously is difficult, time-consuming, and painstaking. One weak link or careless trace of metadata can expose your identity to the world. But that doesn’t mean you need a Master’s Degree in computer science to avoid the prying eyes of the NSA.

In five easy steps, Reason TV shows you the basics of “How to Chat Anonymously Online."

For full detailed steps, go here:

To download the Tor Browser, go here:

To create a Jabber OTR account, go here:

To download Adium for Mac, go here:

To download Pidgin for Windows, go here:

About 5 minutes.

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