Wednesday, March 18, 2015

10 Reasons The Bible Isn't a Well-Written Book

If the Bible were actually inspired by God, it would look very different from the book so many Christians revere.

You would think anything written by or inspired by the most powerful being ever would be equally as amazing. But it's not.

The blogger Southern Skeptic did an excellent job of explaining why -- you can see a link below -- and he gave me permission to share and expand upon his ideas in this video.

So how do we know the Bible is not a well-written book?

1) It's not well-organized.

The Bible is a huge mess. It's in chronological order, but thematically, it's all over the place. That might be okay for a history book, but not when it's a guidebook for life.

And that's a huge problem when Christians use the Bible to justify their beliefs.

They have to flip through the book all over the place to find particular verses to defend their views.

You want verses about Love? Marriage? Homosexuality? Abortion? You won't find them in one place. There's not even a helpful index.

It forces Christians to quote verses out of context all the time.

2) There are no pictures!

I know: not all books need pictures, but sometimes, diagrams and charts are really useful. Even the Lord of the Rings books include a map.

Where's the diagram of a family tree instead of a long, boring list of begats?

What about a timeline to help readers keep track of the characters?

Just sayin'. It'd be helpful.

3) It's not very specific.

4) It's not easy to understand.

5) It's not consistent.

6) It doesn't make any clear predictions

7) It lacks knowledge that humans of the time couldn't have had

8) The characters make no sense

9) It's too repetitive.

10) It goes too far with the stories

God should've backed off. Instead, he jumped the shark in the first chapter.

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