Friday, February 6, 2015

Karamo Brown is a dick

Karamo Brown goes crazy in this video.

"PC Adrian Pogmore, 48, is alleged to have taken the footage home with him to watch after spying on people at dogging spots around Sheffield.

The father-of-two, working for South Yorkshire Police, has now been suspended pending an inquiry.

A source told The Sun: "He’s accused of looking at dogging sites while the chopper was meant to be on patrol.”

Yo! Karamo Brown. Nothing wrong with having sex. It may chock you to learn, you where made when to (or more) people having sex. Let peolpe have sex. It is not you fucking so keep out.


Jimmy Dore (TYTComedy, The Jimmy Dore Show;, Desi Doyen (Green News Report; and Karamo Brown ( break it down on The Young Turks.

Cop Uses Police Helicopter To Spy On People Having Sex

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