Tuesday, January 13, 2015

David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion, Morality and Science atheist

David Silverman is the current president of the American Atheists, a non-profit organization that supports the rights of atheists and the removal of expressions of religion in public when possibly interpretable as governmental endorsement, in accordance with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

David Silverman began publicly challenging religion in high school and often states in interviews that he became an atheist at the age of six.Although he was never in the closet about his disbelief, he was forced to do his Bar mitzvah. He calls this the turning point in his life where he decided never to lie about his atheism again because he had gotten up on stage and told all the people he knew that he believed in God. Seventeen years later his father admitted to him that he also was an atheist. He received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University and a Marketing MBA from Penn State University. Silverman is an inventor with seventy four patents, and has authored several articles, including a cover story for Inventors Digest.

David Silverman has worked with the American Atheists organization since 1996, and has held a variety of roles, including: New Jersey State Director, Communications Director, and Vice President. He was elected president of American Atheists on September 16, 2010, following Ed Buckner.

David Silverman also cohosts the Atheist Viewpoint television program, writes for the NoGodBlog, attends protests, debates and conferences for atheism and freethought, across the country.


David Silverman Debate Mormons on Religion Morality and Science atheist


Gilberto Velazquez said...

The strage thing that i heard fromvthe participating lady was the calling abraham lincoln. From the dead. I have never heard or seem anything like that in the church that simple is weird. Is she telling thrut ? I really doubt That , it goes beyond what we believe and practice some is not telljng thrut here or trying. To mislead maybe she is talking about other group.

Gilberto Velazquez said...

Now i understand why that.happened. to the lady she moved from or church to a separated cult separated from the church do not confuse one thing from the other.

Gilberto Velazquez said...

David you stated that mormons reject their family members for disbelieving their religion, People that join our church from the various religions not only are thrown from their homes they are punished badly . just ask my wife she was a catholic and when she joined the lds church she was trhown from Her home. A d that story repeats on daily basis i know that from first hand. Because i go out to teach families with the missionaries and ass soon as they are trying to embrace a new faith that what you say happen to them. That some choose to reject to join instead. Of loosing their family.proven fact.

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