Friday, August 22, 2014

Skepticism and Mental Health

In recent weeks, we've been dealing with the human mind and its ability to accept irrational things. This week, we're dealing directly with the complex issue of mental health, specifically things like depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, mood disorders and more.

Blogger, speaker and activist JT Eberhard has revealed publicly his own battles with depression, giving a talk at Skepticon 4 titled, "Mental Illness and Why The Skeptic Community Should Give a Shit." (LINK: Michaelyn Eberhard has a bachelors degree in neuroscience and is a freethought activist. Jeremiah Beene studies Ph.D Clinical Psychology at the University of Mississippi. And Dr. Darrel Ray is a clinical psychologist, author and expert on mental health.

They join us for the show, plus your calls and emails.

The Thinking Atheist, 2014

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