Monday, October 3, 2011

Muslim woman to be whipped for driving!

I hope to see healthy discussion on whether you think it is wise to allow women to drive. Should there be a complete and total ban, or should they be allowed to drive in an emergency?

I still think the whipping was a bit too harsh. She could have been fined instead.

If women do not feel comfortable travelling with stranger taxi drivers, is it ok to provide women taxi drivers for serving women customers only?
Some of the disadvantages of lifting the ban on women driving....
1) It will add to the traffic congestion on the streets.
2) This is embolden them and they will demand more rights
3) It is not safe for women to be out on the streets by themselves especially at odd hours of the day.
4) This will give them the opportunity to listen to music while they are driving.
5) Increase road accidents as women are not good at driving and operating machinery
6) Women suffer from PMS for 10 days every month. During this time they become irritable and aggressive and their judgement is impaired, doubling the risk of fatal road accidents
7) Women are not good in navigation. They can easily be disorientated and become lost and fall pray to unscrupulous elements who will take advantage of the situation
8) It will distract them from their duties of looking after the kids, cleaning the house, cooking for the family etc

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