Friday, July 30, 2010

Atheist exclusivism and moments in atheist history

Warming! stupidity

Quote: "Atheism in the Marxist form is repudiated by many modern atheists, who regard Marxism as a sort of religion itself. Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored as having had a massive impact on how widespread atheism is today."

I am by no means talking about atheist here in america but never the less there is a legacy that must be remembered.

I don't pretend to conflate atheists with all of communism but there is a fair amount of atheists who wish to conflate the heterodox actions of Christians who are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ. The very core of communism was a belief in evolution and deep hatred of all things Religious. If you question why some people are prejudice and discriminate against atheists then remember recent history.

Note just the USSR and China figures. This is clear evidence and a deductively valid issue as to why atheism is feared and considered dangerous. The greatest activator for hatred of atheism is any issue dealing with hatred of religion. China would like to crush all religion but I suggest they are barely tolerating religion because of pressure from other nations. As it is this potential super power does not have the greatest human rights record. If atheists like Christopher Hitchens want to kill the poison that is religion then I suggest it is not helping atheists to be trusted or help to quiet the fears of people who want a free and open market place of ideas in the public commons.

If you are an atheist and you want to close off and remove the freedom of religion then how are you different then the desires of the power mad atheists of the cultural revolution of China or the U.S.S.R. The over 130 million killed in the name of power mad Atheists are still a fresh memory of some and atheists need to be objective and factor this in to any hatred you may have against Religion.

If Atheists want freedom from religion then China may be the place to live. Otherwise try to understand what liberty and a free and open market place of ideas means to the continued health of this Constitutional Republic that promises freedom of religion as key to the liberties we enjoy here in the USA. Close that free and open market place of ideas and freedom will die along with it.

Warming! stupidity

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