Friday, April 16, 2010

Towards a Darwinian Approach to the Origins of Human Bipedality

Presented at Stanford's Darwin Day 2010 by Jason Lewis who is currently pursuing a PhD in Paleoanthropology at Stanford University, Department of Anthropology. The goal of his scientific career is to contribute to paleoanthropology by supplying new data and analyses in three areas of the science:

Part 1

Part 2

1) developing, standardizing, and utilizing better methodology for recording and analyzing fossil and modern human morphological variation and archaeological data;

2) engaging in rigorous field work, using detailed and advanced methods to find more fossil specimens and archaeological sites, in order to fill in the main gaps in the hominid record;

3) with the information gained from areas 1 & 2, testing hypotheses about the evolution, ecology, and behavior of fossil hominids.

Entitled Taphonomy and Zooarchaeology of the Middle Pleistocene Site of Orgnac 3 (Ard├Ęche Valley, Southeastern France)

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