Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CNN Creationism vs Darwin

Excerpt from a CNN Insight special from 2005:

Doctor Michael Behe from Lehigh University defends Intelligent Design in court, while his colleagues distance themselves from his theory, which they label as "unscientific".

More about Michael Behe and the court case against Darwin can be seen in the documentary "A War on Science" from 2006. (The "IDiots" lost this case.)

Creationism vs. Darwin [2/4] - B.C. Tours at the Denver Zoo (2005)

B.C. Tours ("Biblically Correct as opposed to being Politically Correct") teaches Christian homeschoolers about Creationism in the Denver Zoo.

Creationism vs. Darwin [3/4] - The Creation Museum in Kentucky (2005)
In 2005, a new Creation Musem was being built in Kentucky. (The museum was not officially opened at the time.) Meanwhile, a Presbytarian priest was teaching Evolution in Sunday school.

Creationism vs. Darwin [4/4] - Krista Tippett of "Speaking of Faith" (2005)
CNN's Jonathan Mann interviews Krista Tippett, host of "Speaking of Faith," about the increasing popularity of creationism in the U.S. and asks if Americans have simply lost their senses.

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