Friday, October 24, 2008

Earthtime (BBC documentary)

We hold a unique knowledge of time, realising that it stretches deep into the past, and will continue into the future. How does this affect our sense of who we are?

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 1/6

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 2/6

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 3/6

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 4/6

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 5/6

Time - BBC - 3: Earthtime 6/6

Michio Kaku goes on an extraordinary exploration of the world in search of time.
He discovers our sense of time passing and the clocks that drive our bodies. He reveals the forces of time that make and destroy us in a lifetime.

Michio Kaku journeys to some of the Earth's most spectacular geological sites to look for clues to the extraordinary depths of time at a planetary level. Finally, he takes us on a cosmic journey in search of the beginning (and the end) of time itself.

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